Communal Cleaning

Communal area cleaning in London can be some of the hardest to deal with as they are subject to heavy footfall and constant wear and tear. However, this does not faze us.  As well as providing our own comprehensive communal cleaning service, we can also work together with on-site maintenance companies, resulting in the provision of a full-on estate management package.

A comprehensive service

When we clean communal areas, we take care of everything including entrances, stairs and bins.  If you want the added supplement of carpet and window cleaning or pressure washing, this can be included when you need it. Our aim is to provide a constantly high quality of service at a cost-effective price and tailored to suit each client.  In addition, we have a reputation for providing exemplary customer service as well as unprecedented attention to detail.

The cleaning teams

The team that take care of the communal cleaning love what they do and are motivated when they see a smile on the customer’s face.  Their task is to create a good looking, clean and hygienic area that is attractive for users and created in line with the client’s budget.  Our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable and can work discreetly.  Their goal is to provide you with a stress-free, effective and quality service that provides total satisfaction.  Each member of our team is only taken on board once they have been fully security checked.  Once training has been updated and we are happy that they are ready to work, they join the rest of our workforce.

Your free-of-charge quotation

Providing quotations for our communal cleaning service entails a visit to the site so that we can see exactly what is involved in the work.  Every job is different, so our price needs to take into account each set of challenges and the individual client’s requirements.  During our visit we will also produce detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements.   After this, we can provide your quotation which will include everything that you need, tailored to suit not only your specification but frequency of service.

The result

The communal cleaning will be carried out using the most environmentally friendly products as well as machinery that takes note of the latest technology.  The result is a communal area that not only looks fantastic but also smells clean, fresh and inviting.  If our team notice any repairs that need to be attended to or damage that requires repair, we will then bring this to your attention for discussion.

Get in touch with us today and find out how the services provided by 981 Cleaning throughout the London area will perfectly match with your needs.