Stain/Odour Removal

Our carpet cleaning technicians are the best, being fully trained in line with the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) and Prochem (National Training Academy For The Cleaning Industry). We also use only the best products/methods, ensuring that stain/odour removal is taken care of and that carpets and furniture are left both stain and odour free.  Make use of this service on a one-off basis when you need it or add to your regular maintenance schedule.

Odour removal

When carpets and soft furnishings retain unpleasant odours, they are not only unpleasant to use but also add an off-putting aroma to the area in which they are in.  When drinks, food and other things are spilt onto the fabric or carpet pile, even if you think you have removed the stain, the odour can remain.  What is worse, it gets even more pungent over time.  Our stain and odour removal service will remove all types of odours, leaving everything clean, fresh and hygienically safe.

Our odour removal service can also take care of the unpleasant smell left behind after fire damage. Do ask for further details if you need help with cleaning up after a fire in London.

Stain removal

Removing odours and stains goes together.  What is more, once we have eradicated the stains, we can apply a stain-guarding treatment that will prevent future damage.  The result is that once your soft furnishings and carpets are free from stains, they will stay that way.  The process is fast, safe and gives fantastic results.

Not only do we remove stains and unpleasant smells, but we can also get rid of ingrained dirt, spills and damage. As your local stain and odour removal team in London, we provide a one-stop service for all businesses and commercial premises at rates that won’t break the bank.  We also ensure that by using the best possible equipment and processes, the result is a safe and quick-drying result that will leave you delighted.

Get in touch with us today and find out how the services provided by 981 Cleaning throughout the London area will perfectly match with your needs.