Pressure Washing

Pressure washing provides a safe and effective way of cleaning tough residue from external hard surfaces. This is particularly essential when it comes to the premises of businesses as the outward appearance has much to say about the presentation and ranking of the company.

Get rid of that negative impression

Imagine someone approaching your business and seeing a grimy building exterior, dirty pavements and roads and dusty signage.  Immediately they are going to form a negative impression of the company inside, and this is never a good thing.  When you care about your reputation and appearance, then our pressure washing service will clean everything, including:


Building exteriors








Restore shine and colour

When applied by experts, pressure washing will restore the shine and colour to tired buildings and shoddy signage and approaches.  Your welcome to guests, staff and other visitors will then begin immediately when they approach.  Carrying out pressure washing throughout the London area, we provide a professional and comprehensive jet, pressure and power cleaning service.   No matter how grimy or dirty your external areas, we can remove even years of built-up dirt and dust from hard surfaces.  Maybe you need to carry out an annual clean on your business premises or are moving into new premises and they are still covered in builder’s dust?  Whatever your requirement, we can fulfil it.

Superior results

At the head of our sector when it comes to providing an excellent and committed service, we attend to the needs of commercial and business clients throughout the area. 100% confident of providing our clients with a pressure washing service that provides superior results, we use only the latest state-of-the-art jet washing and pressure washing equipment. Our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable, putting to use their years of experience, enabling them to tackle any cleaning or restoration project.  By using both hot and cold high-pressure jets, even the toughest stains can be removed such as paint, graffiti and oil.

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