981 Cleaning offer two different types of disinfection depending on customer needs using either an electric sprayer, by hand, or a combination of both. 


Electric sprayer 

An electric sprayer disinfection uses a product that kills viruses including Covid-19. It sprays a fine mist of this product which dries within 10 minutes leaving the area safe and disinfected.

The advantage of the sprayer is that we can cover a large area quickly and you can return to your daily activities without having to wait too long. 


By hand

If you require a disinfection that is more targeted and can reach into every nook and cranny, we offer a disinfection by hand service.

This is particularly useful for telephones, keyboards, intercom buttons, IT equipment in general and any other objects with hard to reach areas.  

Disinfections only work where an object has been cleaned first to remove grease and other dirt.

We therefore clean the item first with an all-purpose cleaner and then we use a disinfectant and clean again for a deeper more hygienic result. Items that are used many times a day harbour germs that really need to be removed by a good disinfection.

Now more than ever, it is important that your staff and visitors feel safe and protected.





981 have provided exceptional cleaning pre & post COVID. Their skills are unique, consistent and by fast the best we have experienced in London.  Customer Service is always so prompt, genuine and friendly and they have accommodated to our every changing needs. Their cleaning methods are thorough and can completely rely on them for a spotless touch. Their reaction to COVID measures have been so thorough and trust them completely! Couldn’t recommend more. 

 Jessica M. Communications Advisor. Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd